Tagg Madden

Director, Strategy and Architecture


937.825.8760 Tagg.Madden@hbrmts.com

Tagg serves as the director of strategy and architecture for Managed Technology Services (MTS). He manages a team responsible for compute and network solutions and leads the team to support business in developing solutions from pre-sales to detailed design.

Tagg is experienced with LAN, WAN and VPN infrastructures. In the past, Tagg engaged legal hosting customers directly to gather business and technical requirements for Hosted Litigation Services (Iaas) and was a critical resource in building the cloud services within MTS. Tagg has been involved in developing new product solutions for hosted cloud service and has also provided a road map for key technologies and technical consulting from conception through implementation.

Prior to being a solutions architect, Tagg worked within cross-functional teams to deliver consistent and supportable designs as a consulting network engineer. He built the client hosting business within MTS and provided technical consulting from conception to lab verification.

Outside work, Tagg enjoys teaching at a local college.