Major IT incidents to hit the legal industry in recent years have most law firms worried about their ability to operate in the event of a catastrophe. Time to recovery is essential to any firm, regardless of size and location.

MTS’s Disaster Recovery service provides replication and hosting of physical or virtual servers, with secure failover in the event of a man-made or natural catastrophe. With our services, the time to return your applications to production is reduced because data does not need to be restored over the internet. Our team provisions, configures and tests a disaster recovery plan tailored to the unique needs of your firm so that you don’t have to invest or maintain your own DR environment.

Local backups are known for speed and reliability, but they are expensive to implement because of hardware requirements and they are vulnerable to data center disasters. Cloud backups are a good alternative, as they are a less expensive way to store your data off-site, without shipping your data. Yet, in the event of a disaster, cloud backups are limited by bandwidth, which can cause a delay in recovery times.

MTS’s hybrid backup is designed to take advantage of the benefits of local and cloud backups, by using a local agent to back up locally and replicating to the cloud. We have the skills and knowledge to ensure your environment’s security while helping you mitigate risk. All of our environments include encrypted data storage, snapshots, replication and VPN with global data centers to fit your geographic needs.

Our Disaster Recovery service is trusted by leading law firms for our:

  • Cross-platform, hybrid cloud protection
  • Turnkey support for all, of the leading hardware, hypervisor and enterprise app components – public, private and hybrid cloud
  • Flexibility to customize the right level of protection for each application
  • Managed service that eliminates the need for in-house expertise, resources, runbooks and scripting
  • Pay-as-you-go fee model eliminates up-front hardware and capital investment