A Six-Step Checklist for Building a Law Firm Data Security Plan

Law firms do not have the luxury of taking their time to map out the perfect plan for data security. They need to revisit their data security protocols and make sure their plans include a few key ingredients, working under the assumption that hackers are plotting how to attack the firm’s network.

Five Things Legal Teams Should Look For in a Cloud Services Provider

Storing data in the cloud has now become mainstream in the legal profession. Legal professionals are increasingly embracing the idea of working with a trusted cloud services provider and moving to a hosted model for managing litigation software and data. Here are five key things for your team to look for when selecting a cloud services provider to host your legal software and data.

Moving to the Cloud? How to Choose the Best Cloud Hosting Approach for Your Firm

Because cloud services are sold on demand, law firms can buy cloud services as needed and reduce the service if demand declines. However, it is important to evaluate each option in advance and find the model that is best for your law firm’s unique needs. There are several key questions you need to ask about your firm’s existing resources and service requirements.